Bringing in high-quality PC cooling at an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio is what we are known for. Our priorities lie not only in brining quality products but also in offering quality customer support. To ensure that all our products meet the high quality and durability standards, we have a rigorous testing process in-place, and we also promise long-term supply of spare parts. We also design our products to be future ready to embrace upcoming technologies.

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Outstanding cooling performance through liquid cooling. ARCTIC's Premium Liquid Freezer range offers impressively high performance at moderate prices, without the complexity of conventional CPU Liquid coolers. Completely maintenance-free, the all-in-one cooler with various models for smaller and larger cases covers all the most important current CPU sockets.

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ARCTIC has CPU coolers for all areas of application. Whether for high-end gaming or silent PCs, our large range includes everything from high-performance tower coolers to compact and inexpensive alternatives; to boxed coolers to completely silent passive radiators. Broad compatibility and innovative features are part of our standard repertoire.

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ARCTIC’s versatile assortment of PC fans are both quiet and powerful. We have the right options for any application or need, in sizes from 80 to 140 mm. Plus, our case fans are equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology, innovative fan blades and high quality bearings, making them particularly durable and efficient.

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Ensure the lowest thermal resistance with our award-winning thermal interfaces. Well known for its outstanding quality, our high-performance MX thermal compound is a regular winner in performance tests. It offers a very low thermal resistance due to its minimum bond line thickness and is easy to apply, even for beginners. Thermal pads in various designs and sizes round out the product range.

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The right accessories for our product range - SLI Bridge, PST cable, Case Fan Hub and more.Not only should the computer be adequately cooled, extra cooling is required on hot days. This is where our whisper-quiet USB fans come into play.

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Each of us is responsible for protecting the environment. As a company, the careful use of energy and environmental resources is something we take very seriously. We think “green” and have been carbon neutral since 2011. Learn more about our environmental commitment under Green Arctic.

For All Under-Warranty Claims and Issues, please visit Arctic's official warranty page or email to support@arctic.de.

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