An order is your completed request to purchase one or more products from our online shop. An order is created when buyer completes the checkout process, during which time they provide an email address or phone number, billing address and payment information, if these were not already provided during registration.

Yes. Regardless a payment has been confirmed or not, an order can always be cancelled. If payment has been processed via payment gateway, then upon cancellation of the order, amount shall be refunded back via NEFT transaction, as per the refund policies. Refund is not eligible if payment has not been processed yet, as in case of COD (Cash On Delivery)

Indeed. It is your order and you can request cancellation at any time! However, think about this: We ship most of our orders within 24 hours. Once your order leaves our warehouse, a cancellation bears round trip via logistics, which should be avoided.

At this time, we have zero cancellation charges regardless your order is under processing or in transit.

As soon as you realise that you would wish to cancel an order, you can:

  • Contact us at 080 47188277 (Monday to Saturday, 10AM to 6PM IST)
  • Email us with Order reference number at

May we please request an honest the reason for cancellation as well; It will help us improvise.

We are sorry. At this moment our shopping platforms does not have this feature. We realise this would be convenient, and so we are working to make it available soon.

Please contact us with your questions, and as always we will be glad to answer.
Phone: 080 47188277 (Mon-Sat,10AM-8PM)