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Release Notes

  1. Page: HP Care Pack Mapping on TPSTECH
  2. page: DCR - Warranty Activation Page Selector
  3. Account page: Remove No Stock on Ordered Title link
  4. Page: AMD Radeon RX5000 series offer
  5. Search: ASUS Products on Top in search results
  6. Collection: Dynamic main Banner
  1. Account Page: Add order cancellation / return button.
  2. Search Results: Improvements needed on Result Page
  3. Pages: Create Customizable blocks for page template.
  1. WAPS - Warranty Pack Selector(HP)
  2. Page: Random Order popup with interval.
  3. Product Page: Re design the Page.
  4. #Bug fix: Empty Shopping Cart - Browse Shopping.
  1. Checkbox for GST on cart.liquid
  2. Collection filter values recheck
  3. IE compatibility.
  4. Pincode Service feature Update.
  5. Coming Soon Page.
  6. Landing Page for AMD.
  7. Blog Module - Rating Products
  8. Shipping Date on Coming Soon Page​
  1. Filter Revamp.
  2. On Scroll Split Product Page between (Image and Title Holder)
  3. Mobile: Eliminate render-blocking resources
  4. Mobile: Defer offscreen images
  5. Fixing TPS Menu Bar
  6. TPS Payments Page new UI
  7. Updating all collection banners
#Bug fix:
1. Sell on TPS page for Brands/Suppliers
2. Product Page (20.02) : New Elements of improvisation
3. Performance: Load time on product page.
4. Reviews icon to redirect review tab.
5. Overview section 80% max-width.
6. Revamp Login & Sign Up page.
7. Revamp 404 Page.
8. Band name Hyperlink to collection.
#New feature Included:
1. "Add to cart" button on-hover over Collection Page.
2. Compare Page Revamp.

#Bug fix:
1. Empty Collections - Improve user experience.
2. Moving TPS Highlights section to Footer.
3. UI Layout for suggested products.
4. Reviews on product page.
5. Menu bar width Increase.
#New feature Included:
1. Why Us page.
2. Wish list.
3. Product page template for Care Packs.
4. SI landing Page

#Bug fix:
1. Cookie bar.
2. Hero Slider height on home page.
3. Make Product Description 100% width.
#New feature Included:
1. Page Not Found revamp.
2. Compare Products on Product Page.
3. Category Page.
4. getST page

#Bug fix:
1. Show collection and pages results on the Auto Search bar.
2. Remove redundant filters from Brand stores.
3. Review the page speed reports for triage(First Phase).
4. Make these pages in FAQs style.
#New feature Included:
1. Recently viewed product on product page.
2. Related product on cart page.
3. Similar offer on product page.

#Bug Fixes
1. Share button on blog page.
2. Included Review icon on the product page.
4. Added trusted site icon on product page, cart page, login page.
#New feature Included:
1. Show Google/FB review somewhere.
2. Buy now feature on TPS Offer Page.
3. Pin code service ability for TPS.in
4. New Homepage design

#Bug Fixes
1. Thumbnail on product page.
2. Share button on Product page.
#New feature Included:
1. Steal the deal automated collection with auto-timer.
2. Customizable Header for deals/campaigns/occasions.

#Bug Fixes
1. Hero slider on home page for better screen adaptability for all devices.
#New feature Included:
1. Notification bar on the Product Offer Page.
2. Product Page (New-design).
3. Ajax Cart item Update.
4. Dynamic Warranty Icon on Product Page.

#Bug Fixes
1. Search Bar Mobile View.