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LAPCARE 14.8V 2000mAh 4 Cell BIS Certified Premium Quality Compatible Li-ion Laptop Battery for Pavilion 14-BS Series

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  • The compatible Lapcare battery for HP Pavilion 14-BS Series comes with 14.8V output voltage and 30WHr output power.
  • Power up your laptop and enjoy the freedom of movement with this 4 Cell Lithium-Ion battery which can be charged up to 2000mAh.
  • Covered under Lapcare Protection Plan, the battery offers a unique insurance plan on top of the standard warranty. The battery connected equipment gets insured for any malfunctioning or damage due to usage of the same.
  • With an envision of saving our environment, Lapcare ensures environmentally sound management and recycling of electronics that have reached their end of life phase.
  • Backed by standard full 12 month replacement warranty, the battery is also TUV, RoHS and CE certified.

Lapcare Original 4000mAh Laptop Battery

Environment Friendly

With an envision of saving our environment, Lapcare ensures environmentally sound management and recycling of electronics that have reached their end of life phase.


Lithium-Ion battery

Li-ion batteries are know for their stability and higher number of times being recharged. They tend to have a higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower self-discharge rate.


No Memory Effect

Recharged repeatedly after being only partially discharged, batteries gradually lose usable capacity causing memory effect. Lapcare's Lithium-ion battery, in contrast completely is devoid of this.


Lapcare Protection Plan

The Lapcare Protection Plan offers an unique insurance plan on top of the standard warranty. The battery connected equipment gets insured for any malfunctioning or damage due to usage of the same.

The policy has been made to ensure that all Lapcare customer get the best Protection support for their Laptop and have a crystal clear idea about the Plan, these by feels privileged and proud of owning a Lapcare product. Lapcare giving the protection to consumer laptop up to 10000 Rs only.

This Plan applicable only on Lapcare Battery or Lapcare Adapter and Car Power Inverter.

  • This plan applicable only in India. Components should be under the 365 days warranty and purchased on tax invoice.
  • Should be registered under the LPP by the user with contact details within 30 days from the date of purchase the product.
  • The user should be registering the complaint within 24 to 48 Hour after the mishap.
  • Lapcare Battery or Adapter should be 100% damage (like a burn or overvoltage output) and the laptop should not be open or repair from outside the Lapcare service center.
  • LPP does not allow the customer to claim any type of payment or a new laptop under this plan. LPP is non-renewable or transferable.

  • Any other things like human, furniture, home, car, etc not covered under LPP.
  • Anything physical, liquid damage, missing part in the laptop and theft are not covered under LPP.
  • Any type of Data Lose, software, windows not covered under LPP.

  • Customer register the Lapcare product under LPP within 24 to 48 hour by website https://www.lapcare.com/register or mail “customercare@lapcare.com” or toll-free number “1800-1200-852”.
  • Customer Visit to nearest Lapcare service center with damage Laptop & Lapcare Battery or Adapter, Car Power Inverter, tax invoice & LPP registration number.
  • Lapcare service center verifies all provided details, inspects the laptop and registers a complaint and provides a job sheet to the customer. This process takes 15 to 30 days.
  • Lapcare service center update to customer after rectification. Customer Re-visit with job sheet and collect the laptop.
  • Claim value up to 10000 Rs only, if the repairing cost is more than the claim value then service center update to customer and customer will provide the payment (no invoice for extra value).

Product Type Laptop Battery
Product Brand Lapcare
Part Number LHOBTPA6671
Battery Type Lithium-ion Battery
Voltage 14.8V
Power 30WHr
Capacity 2000mAh
Compatible Part Numbers 2LP34AA, 919681-221, 919681-231, 919681-241, 919682-421, 919682-831, 919700-850, 919701-850, HSTNN-DB8A, HSTNN-DB8B, HSTNN-DB8E, HSTNN-L67N, HSTNN-PB6Y, JC03, JC03031, JC04, JCO3, JCO4, TPN-C129, TPN-C130, TPN-Q186, TPN-Q187, TPN-W129, TPN-W130
Compatible Models Pavilion 14-BS000NG, Pavilion 14-BS000NP, Pavilion 14-BS000NQ, Pavilion 14-BS000NV, Pavilion 14-BS000UR, Pavilion 14-BS001NB, Pavilion 14-BS001NE, Pavilion 14-BS001NF, Pavilion 14-BS001NI, Pavilion 14-BS001NIA, Pavilion 14-BS001NK, Pavilion 14-BS001NO, Pavilion 14-BS001NP, Pavilion 14-BS001NX, Pavilion 14-BS001TU, Pavilion 14-BS001TX, Pavilion 14-BS001UR, Pavilion 14-BS002NE, Pavilion 14-BS002NF, Pavilion 14-BS002NG, Pavilion 14-BS002NH, Pavilion 14-BS002NL, Pavilion 14-BS002NO, Pavilion 14-BS002NS, Pavilion 14-BS002NX, Pavilion 14-BS002NY, Pavilion 14-BS002TU, Pavilion 14-BS002TX, Pavilion 14-BS003NIA, Pavilion 14-BS003NO, Pavilion 14-BS003NY, Pavilion 14-BS003TU, Pavilion 14-BS003TX, Pavilion 14-BS003UR, Pavilion 14-BS004NB, Pavilion 14-BS004NO, Pavilion 14-BS004NY, Pavilion 14-BS004TU, Pavilion 14-BS004TX, Pavilion 14-BS005NB, Pavilion 14-BS005NE, Pavilion 14-BS005NF, Pavilion 14-BS005NX, Pavilion 14-BS005TU, Pavilion 14-BS005TX, Pavilion 14-BS005UR, Pavilion 14-BS006NE, Pavilion 14-BS006NF, Pavilion 14-BS006NT, Pavilion 14-BS006NX, Pavilion 14-BS006TU, Pavilion 14-BS006TX, Pavilion 14-BS006UR, Pavilion 14-BS007NB, Pavilion 14-BS007NG, Pavilion 14-BS007NH, Pavilion 14-BS007NIA, Pavilion 14-BS007NM, Pavilion 14-BS007NO, Pavilion 14-BS007NT, Pavilion 14-BS007NX, Pavilion 14-BS007TU, Pavilion 14-BS007TX, Pavilion 14-BS008NF, Pavilion 14-BS008NIA, Pavilion 14-BS008NM, Pavilion 14-BS008NT, Pavilion 14-BS008TX, Pavilion 14-BS008UR, Pavilion 14-BS009NB, Pavilion 14-BS009NF, Pavilion 14-BS009NG, Pavilion 14-BS009NO, Pavilion 14-BS009TU, Pavilion 14-BS009TX, Pavilion 14-BS009UR, Pavilion 14-BS010NB, Pavilion 14-BS010ND, Pavilion 14-BS010NF, Pavilion 14-BS010NT, Pavilion 14-BS010TU, Pavilion 14-BS010TX, Pavilion 14-BS010UR, Pavilion 14-BS011NE, Pavilion 14-BS011NT, Pavilion 14-BS011TU, Pavilion 14-BS011TX, Pavilion 14-BS011UR, Pavilion 14-BS012NT, Pavilion 14-BS012TU, Pavilion 14-BS012TX, Pavilion 14-BS012UR, Pavilion 14-BS013NE, Pavilion 14-BS013NF, Pavilion 14-BS013NG, Pavilion 14-BS013NT, Pavilion 14-BS013TU, Pavilion 14-BS013UR, Pavilion 14-BS014NA, Pavilion 14-BS014NF, Pavilion 14-BS014TU, Pavilion 14-BS014UR, Pavilion 14-BS015NE, Pavilion 14-BS015NF, Pavilion 14-BS015NT, Pavilion 14-BS015TU, Pavilion 14-BS015UR, Pavilion 14-BS016NF, Pavilion 14-BS016NG, Pavilion 14-BS016TU, Pavilion 14-BS016UR, Pavilion 14-BS017NA, Pavilion 14-BS017NT, Pavilion 14-BS017TU, Pavilion 14-BS018NF, Pavilion 14-BS018NO, Pavilion 14-BS019NI, Pavilion 14-BS019NO, Pavilion 14-BS019NT, Pavilion 14-BS019TU, Pavilion 14-BS020NI, Pavilion 14-BS020TU, Pavilion 14-BS020UR, Pavilion 14-BS021NI, Pavilion 14-BS021TU, Pavilion 14-BS021UR, Pavilion 14-BS022NO, Pavilion 14-BS022TU, Pavilion 14-BS023NO, Pavilion 14-BS023TU, Pavilion 14-BS023UR, Pavilion 14-BS024NO, Pavilion 14-BS024UR, Pavilion 14-BS025NO, Pavilion 14-BS025UR, Pavilion 14-BS026NO, Pavilion 14-BS026TU, Pavilion 14-BS026UR, Pavilion 14-BS027NO, Pavilion 14-BS027TU, Pavilion 14-BS027UR, Pavilion 14-BS028NO, Pavilion 14-BS028UR, Pavilion 14-BS029UR, Pavilion 14-BS030NA, Pavilion 14-BS030NG, Pavilion 14-BS030UR, Pavilion 14-BS031NG, Pavilion 14-BS031TU, Pavilion 14-BS031UR, Pavilion 14-BS032NA, Pavilion 14-BS032NG, Pavilion 14-BS032UR, Pavilion 14-BS033NG, Pavilion 14-BS033TX, Pavilion 14-BS033UR, Pavilion 14-BS034NA, Pavilion 14-BS034NG, Pavilion 14-BS034TX, Pavilion 14-BS034UR, Pavilion 14-BS035TX, Pavilion 14-BS035UR, Pavilion 14-BS036NG, Pavilion 14-BS036TU, Pavilion 14-BS036TX, Pavilion 14-BS037TX, Pavilion 14-BS038NA, Pavilion 14-BS038TX, Pavilion 14-BS038UR, Pavilion 14-BS039NA, Pavilion 14-BS040UR, Pavilion 14-BS042TU, Pavilion 14-BS042TX, Pavilion 14-BS043NA, Pavilion 14-BS043TX, Pavilion 14-BS044NA, Pavilion 14-BS044TX, Pavilion 14-BS045NA, Pavilion 14-BS045TX, Pavilion 14-BS046NA, Pavilion 14-BS046TX, Pavilion 14-BS047NA, Pavilion 14-BS047TX, Pavilion 14-BS048TU, Pavilion 14-BS049TU, Pavilion 14-BS052TU, Pavilion 14-BS052TX, Pavilion 14-BS053TX, Pavilion 14-BS054TX, Pavilion 14-BS056TX, Pavilion 14-BS057CL, Pavilion 14-BS057NA, Pavilion 14-BS057SA, Pavilion 14-BS058NA, Pavilion 14-BS058TX, Pavilion 14-BS059NA, Pavilion 14-BS059TX, Pavilion 14-BS060ND, Pavilion 14-BS061TX, Pavilion 14-BS062TU, Pavilion 14-BS062TX, Pavilion 14-BS065TX, Pavilion 14-BS068TU, Pavilion 14-BS069TU, Pavilion 14-BS069TX, Pavilion 14-BS070NG, Pavilion 14-BS070TX, Pavilion 14-BS071NG, Pavilion 14-BS071TX, Pavilion 14-BS072TU, Pavilion 14-BS072TX, Pavilion 14-BS073TX, Pavilion 14-BS076TX, Pavilion 14-BS077NIA, Pavilion 14-BS077TX, Pavilion 14-BS079NIA, Pavilion 14-BS084NG, Pavilion 14-BS084NIA, Pavilion 14-BS084TX, Pavilion 14-BS085NG, Pavilion 14-BS086NG, Pavilion 14-BS086TX, Pavilion 14-BS087NG, Pavilion 14-BS087NIA, Pavilion 14-BS088NIA, Pavilion 14-BS088TX, Pavilion 14-BS089NIA, Pavilion 14-BS089TX, Pavilion 14-BS090NIA, Pavilion 14-BS090TX, Pavilion 14-BS091NIA, Pavilion 14-BS091TX, Pavilion 14-BS092ND, Pavilion 14-BS092NIA, Pavilion 14-BS092TX, Pavilion 14-BS093NIA, Pavilion 14-BS094NIA, Pavilion 14-BS097NIA, Pavilion 14-BS097TX, Pavilion 14-BS098TX, Pavilion 14-BS099NIA, Pavilion 14-BS100NA, Pavilion 14-BS100TU, Pavilion 14-BS100TX, Pavilion 14-BS100UR, Pavilion 14-BS101NG, Pavilion 14-BS101NH, Pavilion 14-BS101NJ, Pavilion 14-BS101NO, Pavilion 14-BS102NA, Pavilion 14-BS102NB, Pavilion 14-BS102NH, Pavilion 14-BS102TX, Pavilion 14-BS103NA, Pavilion 14-BS103NB, Pavilion 14-BS103TX, Pavilion 14-BS104NT, Pavilion 14-BS104TU, Pavilion 14-BS104TX, Pavilion 14-BS105TU, Pavilion 14-BS105TX, Pavilion 14-BS106NT, Pavilion 14-BS106TU, Pavilion 14-BS107NT, Pavilion 14-BS107TX, Pavilion 14-BS108TU, Pavilion 14-BS108TX, Pavilion 14-BS109TU, Pavilion 14-BS109TX, Pavilion 14-BS110TU, Pavilion 14-BS110TX, Pavilion 14-BS116TX, Pavilion 14-BS125TX, Pavilion 14-BS126TX, Pavilion 14-BS128TX, Pavilion 14-BS129TX, Pavilion 14-BS130NG, Pavilion 14-BS153OD, Pavilion 14-BS196NIA, Pavilion 14-BS199NIA, Pavilion 14-BS503TX, Pavilion 14-BS504TX, Pavilion 14-BS512TU, Pavilion 14-BS524TU, Pavilion 14-BS532TU, Pavilion 14-BS533TU, Pavilion 14-BS537TU, Pavilion 14-BS538TU, Pavilion 14-BS539TU, Pavilion 14-BS540TU, Pavilion 14-BS541TU, Pavilion 14-BS542TU, Pavilion 14-BS543TU, Pavilion 14-BS544TU, Pavilion 14-BS545TU, Pavilion 14-BS547TU, Pavilion 14-BS548TU, Pavilion 14-BS549TU, Pavilion 14-BS550TU, Pavilion 14-BS551TU, Pavilion 14-BS554TU, Pavilion 14-BS559TU, Pavilion 14-BS560TU, Pavilion 14-BS561TU, Pavilion 14-BS562TU, Pavilion 14-BS563TU, Pavilion 14-BS565TU, Pavilion 14-BS567TU, Pavilion 14-BS577TU, Pavilion 14-BS578TU, Pavilion 14-BS579TU, Pavilion 14-BS580TU, Pavilion 14-BS581TU, Pavilion 14-BS582TU, Pavilion 14-BS583TU, Pavilion 14-BS584TU, Pavilion 14-BS589TU, Pavilion 14-BS594TU, Pavilion 14-BS596TU, Pavilion 14-BS700TU, Pavilion 14-BS701TU, Pavilion 14-BS702TU, Pavilion 14-BS703TU, Pavilion 14-BS704TU, Pavilion 14-BS705TU, Pavilion 14-BS706TU, Pavilion 14-BS707TU, Pavilion 14-BS708TU, Pavilion 14-BS709TU, Pavilion 14-BS710TU, Pavilion 14-BS711TU, Pavilion 14-BS712TU, Pavilion 14-BS715TU, Pavilion 14-BS716TU, Pavilion 14-BS718TU, Pavilion 14-BS719TU, Pavilion 14-BS720TU, Pavilion 14-BS722TU, Pavilion 14-BS723TU, Pavilion 14-BS724TU
Warranty 1 Year
Package Contents Lapcare Lithium-ion Battery

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