Trust Center

TPSTECH Trust Center

Trust is at the core of everything we do!

Secure Payment Methods: Rest assured on secure payments. Our payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, meaning it meets the highest industry security standards. It uses industry standard cryptographic algorithms to store sensitive data and follows the principles of least privilege to minimize data sharing. Our payment gateway uses tokenization to replace sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, with unique tokens that are meaningless to unauthorized users.

SSL Certification: TPSTECH.IN has implemented SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a standard technology that encrypts all the data / communication sent between our website and your browser / app. This prevents any hackers from seeing or stealing information transferred, including personal or financial data when you are shopping on TPSTECH.IN.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection: We are committed to the privacy of your information you share with us through this website. We collect the details provided by you during and after registration, together with information we learn about you from your use of our products and service, as well as your visits to our website and other websites accessible from ours. We do not access or store your Payment Card details (i.e. credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV etc.). At no time during the purchase process or thereafter do we have access to, or store, your complete card account information. Refer to our detailed Privacy policy page for more details.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Over past decade, we have delighted thousands of customers. We deeply thank them for all the great words of appreciation and testimony. It keeps us going by empowering us to further improve quality of our e-commerce services (better products, better pricing, better order processing and industry standard policies).

Secure Checkout Process: We use a secure checkout process that includes payment authorization and processing, fraud checks, and communication with banks and payment networks. Secue checkout process uses the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol, which encrypts credit card payment data and prevents fraud and unauthorized access.

Return and Refund Policies: Order Cancellation, Return and Refund are essential part of eCommerce. We have best in the industry policies to assist with order cancellations and returns. A return can follow replacement or refund as per the policies transparently defined on our returns and refund policy pages.

Customer Support and Contact Information: One of our most proud section is our dedicated customer service wing. We have multiple channels for customers to reach us should there be any need. These include Email, Phone, WhatsApp and Chat. Help is readily available should you encounter any issues or have questions about your orders. The chat feature on TPSTECH.IN is available for an instant assistance and personalized recommendations. It is best during working hours. Visit Contact Us page on this website for more details.

Blogs and Resources: We keep our blogs updated on various topics relevant to your shopping experience with us. We cover topics like our products, new launches, product compatibility, safe online shopping practices, security tips, customization and more! Our objective through blogs is to empower our customers with knowledge that can help them make informed decisions and feel more confident when shopping on TPSTECH.IN.