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Must have Laptop Accessories for 2020

Must have Laptop Accessories for 2020

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We are living in 2020, the age of millennials - a digital techno world, where everything is based on technology. Every day, we are using so many devices like desktop, laptop, and smartphones as they help us doing work smarter and in lesser time. It has also become increasingly popular to use accessories to boost productivity as well as the quality of work.

Below, we have compiled a list of laptop accessories. It is time to check how many do you own, and, how many you have in your wish-list…!

  • Laptop Backpack: If you work on a laptop, a laptop backpack is a must. Besides carrying your laptop, it will keep it safe, convenient for its peripherals (power charger cord, mouse, headphones, etc.), can be spacious to pack additional stuff, travel-friendly, and off recently trendy to match your style as well. Show Laptop Bag and Sleeve
  • Chill Mat: Perhaps you know it with its more popular name - laptop cooler. On a cold day, sitting with your laptop on your lap is lovely and toasty (You deliberately want it!). But, when you don’t want to use your laptop as a personal heater, then you must go for a chill mat or laptop cooler. It is best accessory for cooling down your laptop. Show Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Privacy Screen: Privacy Screen is an accessory used to reduce or blur the screen of your computer. If you don’t want to show your personal/private data to someone sitting beside you, then it is a must go. Recently, innovations have started making it into the hardware itself, where one button or gesture blurs your screen (like what a physical privacy filter does). Though we are far from this premium feature to become a standard. Till then, buy a privacy filter.
  • Cable Lock: It is a physical security mechanism, often seen in use by many companies whose workforce uses primarily laptops. To ensure that your laptop will be safe & secure, you must need this cable lock. It uses the laptop’s Universal Security Slot (USS) to secure a cable wrapped around a post, or a table that can’t be moved easily.
  • Extra laptop battery: Sometimes you need more power and performance from your laptop than a casual user. The idea is to carry a spare battery which is compatible with your laptop. The extra battery serves as the extra juice to keep powering your laptop for an extended periodShow Laptop battery
  • Power Bank: This device is the most essential device for laptop users. By this device, you can always keep your laptop and smartphone powered up and recharge them quickly when the juice is about to drain. Today, one can easily find a laptop battery power bank easily, that can charge smartphones and tablets as well. Show Laptop Power Bank
  • Wireless Mouse: These are available in very basic to some craziest models (types and versions). Wireless technologies like Bluetooth, RF, or Infrared radio waves are some common methods of connection. If you are a gamer, then it will be great to play untangled. Show Wireless Mouse
  • TV flash Stick: It will fit in your budget. The USB powered sticks enable you to watch, record and pause digital TV on your laptop. If you don’t have the budget for buying a dedicated TV, then it is a great solution for you.
  • Storage: TV flash stick is to record, but besides that, if you need some extra space (more storage) for storing your data. One can go for external storage devices such as pen drive, hard disk, portal SSD, etc. Show External Storage Device
  • Headphone: There are many types of headphones available in market like wireless and with wire. You can go for any one in your niche and budget. This is one category which has one of the widest range of choices, both in price and model types, as well as brand. You can use headphones for both, office and personal. Show Headphones
  • Wireless Speaker: Like headphones, the market of portable and wireless speakers has been stormed already. You may be a party person, a music lover, or just need another good sounding wire-free audio experience, then definitely you can go for a wireless speaker. It can be easily connected to your smartphone and/or laptop. Many models do have built-in mic to support callsShow Wireless Speakers


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