This is a warranty document that lists warranty description, warranty types, warranty duration, coverage, and liabilities with regards to GOSHAWK products.
Throughout this document:

  • TPSTECH or we imply The Peripheral Store, or if mentioned otherwise exclusively.
  • Customer or You implies a person or an organization who completed successful sales transaction with intention to purchase GOSHAWK product(s) on authorized sales channels.


GOSHAWK products purchased in India may come with a 2-year or 3-year hardware warranty, based on the GOSHAWK model purchased. For every model warranty details can be found on the corresponding product pages. TPSTECH may offer different methods to service in-warranty parts and/or products, including but not limited to:

  1. Re-call and dispatch of affected parts and products to be serviced or replaced, as the case may be.
  2. Onsite service.
  3. Return-to-warehouse (RTW).

To determine the warranty that came with your hardware product(s), refer to the warranty document and original sales invoice.
Both, the Customer and TPSTECH, are bound by applicable warranty and related services outlined in this document only.
All in-warranty GOSHAWKs with product issue are eligible for Return-to-Warehouse (RTW) for product check-up and repair or replacement.

Onsite service during warranty will be applicable for following approved locations only:

  • Bengaluru (with 30 KM radius of warehouse location)
  • Lucknow (with 10 KM radius of warehouse location)

General Terms

What is covered by this Warranty?

TPSTECH warrants that each GOSHAWK that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for the product starts from the purchase date as shown on the sales invoice issues by authorized sales channel. The warranty covers the following:

  • Issues with the hardware of the GOSHAWK product, except those occurring from damages or usages beyond usage scenario prescribed in the GOSHAWK Usage Manual
  • The warranty applies to the entire GOSHAWK unit and not individual components that have been engineered into the product

What is not covered by this Warranty?

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Loss of data
  • Issues with, or caused by, operating system, software programs whether provided through our integration system or installed subsequently
  • Failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with the product usage manual(s)
  • Failure or damage resulting from not carrying out regular and preventive maintenance of the product
  • Damages caused by a non-authorized and/or incompetent service provider, and/or self
  • Failures or damages resulting from DIY technical support following online/offline guidance, unless otherwise recommended by TPSTECH

Warranty duration

All GOSHAWKs come with at least a 2-year base warranty on hardware, unless categorically mentioned otherwise for a product. Some products may have 3-year base warranty as well.
The hardware warranty on all GOSHAWK products begins from the date of purchase (transaction) captured on the original sales invoice. The warranty duration of a GOSHAWK is fixed and is not impacted by the number of warranty services already availed against that product in the past.

Warranty Expiration

The said warranty expires when one or more of the following is true:

  • GOSHAWK's original applicable warranty duration is over
  • GOSHAWK’s with altered, missing, partially or completely torn or damaged service tags and/or serial numbers
  • GOSHAWKs for which valid sales invoice does not exist

Availing warranty service (process and ownerships)

All GOSHAWKs are engineered by professionals and pass rigorous tests to outperform the industry benchmarks. You shall not expect issues with the product if it is used as prescribed in the usage and maintenance manual(s). To provide you with a great GOSHAWK experience, TPSTECH has the following methods to avail warranty service when required:

Customers’ ownership(s):

  • Contact TPSTECH for GOSHAWK support via support channels as soon as an issue has been identified during warranty period.
  • Share all relevant details with support team and designated service engineers for product validation, service, and support.
  • Protect data and sensitive information so the same is not accessible to TPSTECH support team.
  • Coordinate with support team to schedule and attend remote guidance sessions.
  • Follow remote guidance (over telephone, email, chat) from designated support team as first line of diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Safe packaging of GOSHAWKs for reverse pick-up in case of RTW.

TPSTECH’s ownership(s):

  • Validate warranty applicability for GOSHAWK product.
  • Log support ticket and share reference of the same with customer.
  • Designate support team, service engineers and escalation engineers during various stages of warranty support.
  • Assist customers remotely (over telephone, email, chat) to diagnose and resolve issues covered by warranty.
  • Reverse pick-up and dispatch of CRUs to customer location as needed.
  • Arrange for onsite service (approved locations only), if the issue(s) is/are not resolved through remote guidance, or through the installation of CRUs.
  • Escalate to RTW for all locations which are not approved for onsite service, or onsite service fails to resolve the issue due to any reason(s).
  • Dispatch of serviced or replacement GOSHAWK back to customer for RTW scenarios.
  • Share relevant documents with customer against warranty incident post closure of the warranty service request.

Important points:

  • TPSTECH may direct you to download and install approved diagnostic tools during remote guidance sessions.
  • Some problems may be resolved with a replacement part that you install yourself called a “Customer Replaceable Unit” or “CRU”. The following components are considered under CRU: RAM, SSD and Hard Drive.
  • During onsite service, if TPSTECH determines that it is unable to repair your product, we will replace the part(s) or GOSHAWK with one that is functionally equivalent. Failing to address issues during onsite service will default to RTW.
Limitation of Liability

Liability of Personal Data

Before you ship the GOSHAWK or CRU(s) to us, make sure to back up data. You are responsible for removing any confidential, proprietary, or personal information and removable media such as storage cards or devices, DVDs/CDs, or PC Cards regardless of whether service engineer is providing onsite assistance, or RTW. We are not responsible for loss of any of your confidential, proprietary, or personal information, lost or corrupted data, or damaged or loss of removable media.

Liability of On-Site Service

The service completion time for On-Site Service will depend on the parts availability, geographical restrictions, weather conditions and the terms of GOSHAWK warranty. You must provide the service engineer full access to the GOSHAWK and a suitable working area and applicable electrical outlet(s). The area should be free from any kind of disturbance and should not be deemed unsafe by our service engineer due to factors like insect, pest or rodent infestation, biohazard or otherwise.

Make sure you or your authorized representative is available at the location on the designated service visit day and time. You may cancel or reschedule the onsite visit request 24-hours prior to the visit. Any additional visits required due to non-availability of customer will attract onsite service charges per visit.

Liability of Exchange

In case of Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU), failure to return the defective CRU or the parts will incur a charge equivalent to the defective part(s) or entire GOSHAWK.

For onsite service, if TPSTECH determines that your GOSHAWK needs a replacement part, then you authorize the onsite technician to act as your service engineer to handle the return and delivery of the warranty parts necessary to render onsite replacement. Faulty or damaged parts must be returned to TPSTECH. You may incur a charge if you fail to provide the onsite service engineer with faulty or damaged parts.

In case of Return to Warehouse (RTW), customer must make sure that the GOSHAWK is packed as they have received it. It is important to save the packaging material that came with the purchase of GOSHAWK so that it can be used again for packaging for RTW.

Liability of Customer

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state, or jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Liability of TPSTECH

TPSTECHs’ responsibility for malfunctions and defects in hardware is limited to repair or replace as mentioned in this warranty document.
For any warranty incident covered by GOSHAWK hardware warranty, you must use TPSTECH provided parts and products, which TPSTECH will provide to you for no additional charge during the warranty incident.
Warranty support only applies when the covered product is located within the country in which TPSTECH originally sold the system, as reflected in TPSTECH records.

Liability of Implied Warranties

There are no other oral or written warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The duration of implied warranties is limited to the warranty length specified in Paragraph one.

Liability of Damages

TPSTECH’s sole obligation and liability under this warranty documentation is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product at our option. TPSTECH shall not, in any event, be liable to the purchaser or any third party for any incidental or consequential damage, (including, but not limited to, damages resulting from interruption of service and loss of business), or liability in tort relating to GOSHAWK or resulting from its use or possession.


We do not accept liability beyond the remedies provided for in this hardware warranty, and we do not accept liability for consequential or incidental damages, for third-party claims against you for damages, for products not being available for use, or for lost or damaged data or software. TPSTECH does not warrant that the operation of any GOSHWAK will be uninterrupted or error free. Our liability will be no more than the amount you paid for the specific GOSHAWK or parts that is the subject of a claim. This is the maximum amount for which we are responsible.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrical shock or damage to your equipment, do not disable the power cord grounding plug. The grounding plug is an important safety feature. Plug the power cord in a grounded (earthed) outlet that is always easily accessible. Disconnect power from the GOSHAWK by unplugging the power cord from the electrical outlet.

WARNING: The product may be heavy, be sure to use ergonomically correct lifting procedures when moving the product.


CRU – Customer Replacement Unit
RTW – Return-To-Warehouse