Cancel Order or Items

You can cancel an order anytime before it is dispatched (shipped). After dispatch, you can choose to refuse accepting the order, and it gets refunded once items of the order are returned back at our warehouse, if the payment was already made.

Customer cancels order
An order can be cancelled under following situations by customer:

  • Order placed by mistake
  • Items in the Order are no longer needed

To cancel an order or items in an order, login to your account and then head to "My Orders" section. Select the "Cancel" button against your order. Please note that "Cancel" button will be disabled after the order has been shipped. In this case you can simply refuse to accept the items without any penalty.

If payment was made already, a refund is processed within 5-7 business days.

TPS cancels order
An order can be cancelled under following situations by TPS:
  • COD Order remains unconfirmed due to no response from customer during validation (before dispatch)
  • Items in order have gone out of stock
  • Order seems fraudulent
  • Wrong order got confirmed due to technical issue

Important points to note:

  • Once the order has been shipped, order cancellation requests cannot be initiated. This is because TPS Technologies may not have control over the logistics services at various checkpoints.
  • Any order if dispatched, will be attempted to be delivered to customer (which customer can reject).
  • For cancellation on pre-paid orders, a refund takes about 5-7 business days.
  • You can always contact us for concerns, and we will be happy to assist.