AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Processor

We are barely a month into 2020 and things are already heating up in the tech world. The CES-2020 had a lot for us to be excited about and AMD did not disappoint.

AMD had started the year with a bang by officially announcing the Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors.

Now, for the High-End Desktop (aka HEDT) market, we have AMD setting loose the “Godzilla of processors” – yes, we are talking about Threadripper 3990X with all of its 64 Cores and 128 threads.

The benchmark scores for the Threadripper 3990X are already in and the numbers are just crazy, specifically the multicore performance.

If these numbers are anything to go by then the community has a lot to thank AMD for considering the fact that AMD is giving away their top processor for 1/5th the price of its competition.

Let’s look at one interesting comparison that’s been doing the rounds on the internet.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Processor

AMD Threadripper 3990X is almost 30% faster than Intel’s much more expensive Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 Setup.

Studios typically have to render millions of hours of footage to be able to finally come up 1-1.5 hours of usable materials.

The faster the rendering, more the time/room an artist has, to experiment & to create. The processing power has led to studios having the ability to have different iterations of a particular scene and this is only going to equip them more with the ability to add more depth to a particular scene with more details in background or more depth to a character's emotion.

We would ultimately reap the fruits of such evolution in price to performance per core as animators and content creators have more room to expand the horizon of their imagination, without impacting the overall timeline involved in making a full-fledged movie that is completely brought to life through computers.


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