Today, we will share updates on the latest utility from Zotac. Firestorm.

Firestorm is a dedicated ZOTAC advanced software utility. This is same as you would MSI AfterBurner software, just that it has more feature set, like spectra customization, three profiles to save settings and OC scanner.

Recently, while we launched GTX 1650 and 1650 AMP with Zotac on our shopping portal, We found its design very Simplified, allowing us to control and tweak graphics card performance easily. We could adjust clock speed, memory speed, fan control, power, voltage… and more, to extract optimum performance beyond the factory settings. We customized the LED lighting with the predefined effects and intensity of the lights and frequency of the light changes. One can also control the fan speed with simple clicks.

Overclocking a graphics card is much easier with Firestorm utility. It comes with a simple UI to help non-techies to overclock without damaging their GPU. One can control multiple GPU installed on the system as well.

With the help of OC Scanner, we can determine the maximum overclockable limit, for safe overclocking without harming hardware. One can also monitoring Graphic card’s performance with the utility.

Now let us review bullet wise feature list.

  • • Fine-tuning – To perform overclocking (Tweak clock speed, memory clock, Voltage, power to boost performance beyond factory settings).

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • OC Scanner – To Analyse maximum optimization limit, which helps to safeguard your graphics card from the unnecessary risk.

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • Fan Profile – Take control and balance maximum airflow with minimal noise for optimum temperatures. So based on the temperature we can set fan without producing much noise.

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • Smarter Fans – To control the speed of the fan. By using this option, you can step up and step down the inbuilt graphics card fan speed.

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • Spectra – To customize the LED lightening. If your graphics cards comes with RGB lightening feature you can utilize this option to customize the lightening with standard and animated effects.

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • Real-time Intelligence – Helps to monitor key information such as clock speed, memory speed, GPU Voltage, Temperature, memory utilization. While playing game monitoring hardware condition also an important point this software make it much easier.

    Zotac Firestrom
  • • Save Settings – Firestorm offers 3 profiles so we can save all our adjustments depending on our needs. We can easily switch to required profile without spend more time. If you want to play different games with different graphics card settings, at that time it will be very useful, because some games need little more performance than other so that gamer settings, we can store one profile and same us for other game keep other profile.

    Zotac Firestrom

These features are applicable for limited GTX/RTX graphics card. Before installing this software, please make sure your graphics card is compatible. If you are not clear, our team is always there to help. Contact US

Download here:
For latest GeForce RTX & GTX 16 Series (Turing Architecture GPU)

For GeForce GTX and GT series (Non-Turing Architecture)

Minimum System requirements,
Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 10 MB free space
Operating System: Windows 7 and Later.
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