OMEN 400 – A Boss Fight Material
There it was, my long-term companion, who was not in his best had suddenly decided to quit when we were in the middle of a brilliant game. With a heavy heart, I understood it was time and after placing him in the ‘Shelf of Fame’, I started my search for a worthy replacement. After a lot of typing and scrolling there it was, ‘OMEN 400’ by HP.

Next-Day Delivery Selected... Order Completed.. Package Arrives.

With testing done and now having spent quite some time with the ‘OMEN 400’ and having gone through those weekend gaming marathon sessions, I should say I am impressed.

Build and Design: The ‘OMEN 400’ is quite well built and nothing-less is expected considering this is from HP. The brilliant matte black finish, tasteful yet subtly done OMEN RGB logo which is also customizable and the generous, yet sturdy cable adds to the overall premiumness. They have put together quite a device in a relatively lighter package.

Omen 400 Mouse

We have the usuals - two primary keys, one purposeful scroll wheel and a neatly placed, easy to miss button that lets you adjust the DPI between 1600 to 5000 levels and we have those little sniper buttons too. The not so usual stuff are that these keys are ‘Omron mechanical switches’ which are to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

So, how is it???

The design feels natural and it was easy to get adjusted to. The Primary keys have a neatly done inward curve to them which creates a natural grip and a comfortable setup for your fingers. Every click feels so purposeful and confidence inspiring that it was super fun to use the mouse in stages that needed those ‘extra sword slashes and blocks’ to pass thorough to complete. For those who have sweaty palms the patterned rubber grips come in very handy. The sniper button’s do their job when needed and the cable never made its presence felt.

The variable DPI options is a boon considering the fact we can set the DPI on the higher side when playing games like ‘Overwatch’ and adjust the DPI to a more on the lower side of the spectrum when we are playing games like ‘Hell Blade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ or ‘Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt’.


In the Weekdays this can easily double up as a daily driver that you can carry to your office, Part work and part show-off. In the weekends you can truly use the mouse for what it is built for.

Definitely a ‘Boss Fight’ Material.
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