Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 is here India

True Wireless Earbuds is one category which has seen all major minor brands in the Audio world to jump in and prove their mettle. The latest entry in this bluetooth wireless audio segment is from Plantronics (after their recent merger with Polycom to become Poly) – and it is called “BackBeat Pro 5100”. It has been available outside India for a while. TPS recently partnered with Plantronics to launch this product for the online community in India, exclusively on Amazon and our own platform. But is it really worth your money? What does it offer? What is the launch price? Let us find out.

Little intro about me first: My name is Deepak and I am on the technical team here at TPS - thoroughly enjoying my work. :)

So, BackBeat is a trusted name already and has helped Plantronics in past - there is BackBeat FIT, BackBeat Go with models like 2100, 3100, 3200, 410, and more. And they have done reasonably well for Plantronics. With "BackBeat Pro 5100", Plantronics (or Poly?) is not just en-cashing on the trust it earned, but it really seems aggressive to challenge the giants in the category. It takes Bose, JBL, Apple and other biggies head-on. While we will post a review of its usage later on, this blog is more a reflection on the specifications & things that matter.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 5100 True Wireless Earbuds

First impression: “I liked it”. Absolutely lives upto its BackBeat style expectations.


I asked some of my friends about 'what is on your mind about connectivity when you are mostly on the go (like me)?'. They replied these (obvious) ones:

  • Quick pairing
  • Always connected
  • Great sound quality on favourite songs/videos
  • Attend calls on the go (cellular and internet based)
  • Complete hands free
  • Good battery backup


There are more but let us just stop there - For now. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 offers all those they wanted. But where this tiny earbud really raises the bar high are these set of features:

  • It is extremely light weight & surprisingly comfortable (thanks to soft caps)
  • Offers 6.5 hours usage in one charge, additional 10-13 hours with charging case
  • The soft ear caps claim to be very effective in noise cancellation
  • IP54 rating means it is dust & splash proof (use it at gym, while on the go, wherever – you cannot take it to swimming though!)
  • It got Smart Sensors (auto pause or auto play depending on how you are using it)
  • Use one Earbud, or both at once
  • Customisable features via app


Another important aspect for many is price point (yeah, I know you have been waiting for that). Given the features onboarded here, I was originally expecting its launch in the bracket of 15 to 17 grands price range. I found it aggressive on price point as well – the "BackBeat Pro 5100" fills the gap between those “everywhere chinese new entrants” and on other hand the likes of “Bose” and “Apple” of the worlds.


With MRP of INR 13990, at TPS it is available at a launch price of INR 11499. It may not be a steal price for some. But I think it will soon become very popular among professionals who are always on the Go. 

For some limited time, Plantronics has also launched 1 year Gaana Plus subscription free with these stunning pair of true wireless earbuds. Now that is another plus. Hope this offer stays for longer time!

All in all, I think it is a great package. The features that are packed in this tiny new gadget are really impressive. What do you think based on its first looks? Drop your comments or questions below.

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