Useful gadgets needed to Work from Home

Useful gadgets needed to Work from Home

Work From Home is a concept where an employee can do his or her job from a remote location (Home, Café, Park). They are exempted from having to be at a certain place at a certain time. It’s a Win-Win situation where the employee save’s on time and money spent in travelling and other things that regular employees go through while still getting the job done.

Since many of us are being forced into this whole WFH thing and for the right reasons, we have put together a list of things that would help you in being faster, more effective, productive all while having some fun.

All one needs is a few right set of complementing tools that would support you and help you sail through your everyday tasks even though you are put up away from the office space.

First thing First,

Reliable Internet Connection (Faster the better): Although you would be working from a remote location, you might still have to interact with your team to complete the project/ handover tasks that would need another members expertise. A stable and decently fast connection is a must.

 A spare Laptop (Lighter the Better): Most of us are used to having a desktop setup in our home for the heavy lifting but there are situations where a spare laptop (especially if it is light) can really come in handy. You have tasks to complete but you really need not force yourself to be stuck in a certain room to complete it.

A Secondary Monitor (More the better): Most of us would agree that a regular laptop’s relatively tiny screen is just not enough at certain times and just slows us up. A separate monitor can seriously come in handy at that time and the extra real estate would easily boost productivity and makes life a little easy to organize and track real time data.

A Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set (Just Better): This is also an easy pick that just offers too much to look away from. The absolute freedom from cables should in-itself make for a compelling buy.

A Comfortable chair (Much Better): A comfortable chair would do wonders for your rear as well as your overall posture. The purpose would be to eliminate certain pain points that one would experience on having spent a relatively long time on a chair that does not offer the right support at the right places.

A Wired/ Wireless Noise-canceling enabled Headphone (Bonus)
Headphones, which in itself is a great productivity tool – You can do a lot with your headphones but most of us just use them to zone ourselves out and to better focus on the task in hand by cutting out the outside noise. Wired/ Wireless, headphones with active noise cancellation just blocks out the unwanted signals without you having to really pump up the volume.

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