Installation Services Terms & Conditions

Service Introduction

With Installation Service, a TPSTECH service agent will perform installation of computer memory (RAM), solid-state drive (SSD), Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The TPSTECH service agent will follow COVID appropriate behaviour as per Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India's guidelines.

Important words and their interpretations

The list here is conclusive and binding to both the parties, TPSTECH and purchaser or the installation service. No other meanings and interpretations are applicable unless otherwise called out in this document:

  • TPSTECH - Implies the organization with legal name ‘The Peripheral Store’
  • TPSTECH.IN – Implies the online portal (website) which is owned by TPSTECH
  • Eligible product/component – Implies the product categories for which installation service applies. They are – SSD (Solid State Drive), RAM, HDD (Hard Disk Drive).
  • Component(s) – Implies hardware component(s), also called computer part(s) limited to that used inside desktop, laptop, as per the scope of installation service
  • Service Co-ordinator – Implies appointed or designated employee or contractor of TPSTECH whose responsibility includes coordinating with defined flow of installation service in this document
  • Service Agent – Implies appointed or designated employee or contractor of TPSTECH whose responsibility includes with appointment scheduling, onsite visit through installation and sign-off as per the guidelines
  • Customer / End-user / Purchaser – Implies a person or an authorized person who gets into the purchase and execution of installation service with TPSTECH within the scope defined in this document

Scope of Installation Service

TPSTECH will provide installation service for following categories of computer components of any brand & manufacturer sold by the portal

  • Memory sticks (RAMs - Both Laptop and Desktop)
  • Internal Solid-state drives (Both Laptop and Desktop)
  • Installation Service will be provided in Bengaluru municipal city limits.
  • Operational hours: Installation Services will be performed during standard TPSTECH business hours (10AM – 7PM) on normal business days (Monday - Saturday), excluding public holidays. Further, the ETA on installation service completion varies based on factors like, but not limited to, end-user’s device type, device’s state, device’s availability for installation, safety measure available at installation site, and number of installations required.
  • Additional charges: TPSTECH has the right to charge on a time and materials basis for any additional work required to meet installation service pre-requisites or other requirements not completed by the end-user, in addition to the specified service as per TPSTECH standard rates.
  • Defective Component: If the end-user’s component for which installation is requested by the end-user is found defective during installation process by the TPSTECH service agent, the service agent will discontinue the installation service and submit a report to as per defined process. TPSTECH.IN may choose to replace/repair the defective component under the original manufacturer warranty terms. TPSTECH will not be responsible for end-user’s defective or physical damaged components / computer parts.
  • Physical Damage / Non-Working Devices: TPSTECH Service Agent will perform Installation of components only after evaluation of the computer device for any pre-existing signs of physical damage which may impact proper function of components. If the computer device or the installation site does not meet Installation guidelines, TPSTECH service agent may deny installation service and inform such decision to customer as per defined process.
  • Device / Installation Space Condition: TPSTECH service agent will ensure that the device is in a bootable state and working condition before commencement of the installation process of the component. In case the computer device (Laptop / Desktop) is found not to be in a condition suitable for installation of component or the intended installation space not found ready as per TPSTECH standards then TPSTECH executive will not conduct installation of component and will inform such decision to as per defined process.


  • Data Backup and Restore is not covered under installation Service. It can be provided only as a paid service under a separate request from end-user, approved by TPSTECH authorized service engineer. The cost of the service varies based on the size of the data to be restored. Providing backup that needs to be restored is customer’s responsibility.
  • Software or unlicensed / pirated operating system installation requests are not included as part of Installation Service.
  • TPSTECH will not assist in activation process of the operating system. Customer may contact the device manufacturer for activation of the operating system (if bundled with the device), or Microsoft® in case they have a retail copy of the Windows activated on the device.
  • Installation of any other part or component is not covered under the scope of this service.

How does it work?

  1. Customer adds “installation service” product as a bundle with an eligible product at the online portal WWW.TPSTECH.IN and performs successful checkout. An order confirmation is a must.
  2. Service Co-ordinator sets up an installation appointment via a call or email to the customer. The corresponding request number is shared with the Customer for tracking.
  3. Service Co-ordinator then assigns designated Service Agent to attend the installation service request.
  4. If the product to be installed is purchased along with the installation service, the assigned Service Agent performs physical audit of the component to be installed (in-warehouse audit) to ensure it is correct component & not tampered or have any signs of physical damage.
  5. Service Agent arrives at the location per the details of the appointment, along with the product to be installed.
  6. The assigned Service Agent verifies availability of the customer or his/her authorized representative as installation must happen only during their physical presence.
  7. Service Agent requests customer to provide or validate order reference number and relevant details to ascertain installation service as per the defined guidelines.
  8. The Service Agent performs physical audit of the component to be installed to ensure it's not tampered or have any signs of physical damage (onsite pre-installation audit).
  9. Service Agent then performs physical audit of custom’s computer device for any pre-existing signs of physical damage which may impact proper function of components.
  10. The Service Agent requests customer to validate if the device is in working / bootable condition before commencement of the installation service.
  11. Service Agent opens the computer device, installs the purchased component for which the installation service request was submitted by the customer, and validates if the computer device is booting up to the BIOS screen & provides an option to select a bootable device.
  12. Service Agent runs diagnostics available under BIOS tools to test if the installed component is working without any error.
  13. For cases of SSD replacement only, If the customer has a genuine licensed copy of Windows Operating System, TPSTECH Service Agent upon customer’s request will help install the genuine copy of the Operating System (licensed to the customer) and ensures that the PC is booting successfully to Operating System’s desktop. Activation of the OS if needed will be customer’s responsibility. Service Agent will provide limited guidance on request and will not be responsible for any issues related to activation.
  14. Service Agent validates that the installed hardware shows up without any error in device manager of the operating system.
  15. Service Agent takes customer’s signature on the Installation Service Form and completes the installation request. A customer contact must be made at this time by Service Coordinator to officially close the installation service request. When customer contact is not possible, customer’s sign-off on installation service form shall be final and binding to the closure of installation request.

Other very important points

  • Installation Site Access
End-user must ensure access to the building, floor, individual cubicles, offices, labs, and rooms where the service will be delivered on the date and time scheduled. Further, the end-user will provide working space and facilities within a reasonable distance of the products, as well as access to, and use of information, end-user resources, and facilities, as is reasonably determined necessary by TPSTECH, to provide the installation service for the products, and to allow service executive to help with the installation of the product(s). End-user resources include a site representative and contact to identify the cubicles, offices, labs, and rooms where the installations are to take place. The end-user must inform TPSTECH about required security clearance to access any office space or public areas, laboratories, and so on.
  • Installation Site Readiness

Installation Service will be taken into consideration only when the concerned end-user device and intended installation space is ready and in working condition at time of the visit by TPSTECH service executive.

  • Cleared space

The area where the installation process needs to be carried out must be clear of any old or existing equipment not part of the intended device.

  • Compatibility Check

It is end-user’s responsibility to confirm the compatibility of ordered products beforehand with their existing device intended for installation of new products ordered from TPSTECH. TPSTECH service executive will not be responsible for issues and/or damages caused due to in-compatibility of said products. The Installation Service does not include any logical configuration of the peripheral/component at the Operating System/BIOS/Hardware level.
Note: Before booking the appointment, end-user must refer to Device’s Warranty terms and conditions (TNC) documents. The installation service by TPSTECH is independent of Device’s Warranty TNC.

  • Power & Cabling Readiness

The End-user will ensure that the power and network cabling at the designated area is complete before the start of installation services.

  • Authorized Representative

Its mandatory that TPSTECH service executive performs the installation activity under the presence of direct end-user or his/her appointed authorized representative only. No installation activity will be carried over in absence of either of the above.
The end-user or his/her authorized representative must possess native language (site specific) skills (written and spoken) or be able to speak, read, and write English.

  • System & Data Backup

All system files and data backup activities should be carried over by end-user representatives if needed from the intended device before any Installation activity. TPSTECH service executive will not perform any backup activity and will not be held responsible for any data loss or data corruption during the installation process. It is the end-user’s responsibility to back up all end-user files, data, or programs and to be able to reconstruct lost or altered end-user files, data, or programs. The End-user must maintain a separate backup system or procedure to attend to resolve any issues related to data losses.

  • Safe Working Environment

It is end-user’s responsibility to ensure that they entertain only authorized service executive from TPSTECH, by verifying their contact number, ID cards & name. Also, end-user must maintain a safe and non-hazardous environment at installation site before TPSTECH service executive reaches the site. TPSTECH team must be notified by end-user beforehand that installation space or site is not potentially safe as per health or safety standards of TPSTECH service executives. TPSTECH may postpone Installation Services until the End-user remedies such hazards.

Confidentiality & Information Protection

The protection of the end-user's private and confidential information is the responsibility of the end-user. If indicated as confidential at the time of disclosure or if the circumstances of disclosure would reasonably imply such treatment, information exchanged under this Agreement will be handled as confidential.
Confidential information may only be used to perform responsibilities or exercise rights under this Agreement and may only be shared with TPSTECH employees who have a need to know for that reason. These confidentiality clauses do not cover information that: a) was known or becomes known to the receiving party without obligation of confidentiality; b) is independently developed by the receiving party; or c) where disclosure is required by law or a governmental agency.
Each party is responsible for adhering to their respective obligations under applicable data protection laws. In delivering services, TPSTECH does not plan to have access to End-user's personally identifiable information.
TPSTECH will likely have incidental access to End-user personally identifiable information stored on a system or device of End-user, and End-user will always be the data controller of End-user’s personally identifiable information.
TPSTECH will only use personally identifiable information that it has access to in order to provide the services requested. At no point in time during installation service procedure will TPSTECH service executive copy or conceal End-user’s personally identifiable information. The protection of the end-user's proprietary and sensitive information, including personally identifiable information, is the responsibility of the end-user.