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Because of how much time we spend using it daily, the mouse is one of the most significant PC accessories. Mouse has progressed beyond the conventional one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, when it comes to purchasing a new mouse for your laptop, office PC, gaming, editing, or other professional needs, one is spoiled for choices. Well, we just googled 'buy a computer mouse' and it hit us back with 171000000 pages in just 0.65 seconds! Right in the face.

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Indeed, if you have been thinking, “my god, why do we have so many different types of mouse options” and looks like every company is claiming they got the best mouse ever for you – just hold on – we promise we will get you there.

Now, the mouse that is shipped with your new laptop or PC (for free, you know...!) might be a low-cost option and is perhaps not good enough for you.

Brands are constantly introducing new and better options, creating confusion for anyone looking to replace an old dying mouse or someone who is looking to buy a new mouse with better technology, - say you want to switch from a wired mouse to a wireless one.

Having delivered “hand-picked mouse options from our selection” to hundreds of you out there, we believe this post will help. We created this guide to assist you in selecting the best mouse from the many options available to you.

Wired vs. Wireless

If you want to avoid cable clutter, you can go wireless and have complete freedom of movement and connectivity within the wireless range. If your laptop or PC is stationary most of the time though, you can (should, based on experience) use the wired versions.

Is Wireless Mouse the right choice for you?

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Traditionally, all wireless mice have some latency, which means that there is a split-second delay between a mouse action (pressing the mouse button), and it being registered on a laptop or PC. Wireless technology has progressed significantly in recent years, and some of the best offerings now have latency that is comparable to or better than wired offerings. However, while wireless mice now have low enough latency, they are usually fine for casual and office use.

It is recommended to invest in a high-performance wireless mouse if you are going to use it for tasks that require more precise input registration, such as someone playing games professionally in eSports or someone in precision design of, say, high precision medical equipment, and so on. 

Wireless mice necessitate extra (or external) power. Some may use readily available AA or AAA batteries, whereas others may have rechargeable batteries embedded in the mouse (like Logitech MX Master 3) which must be charged by plugging it in. These typically charge via a USB cable or a charging dock), and they can be plugged into a PC via the USB cable to function as a wired mouse while the battery is charging.

Finally, if the mouse uses a wireless dongle, it may cause interference with other wireless devices, particularly Wi-Fi signals. This issue is resolved by using a more premium wireless mouse or by switching to Bluetooth mode (most premium wireless mouse come with both wireless and Bluetooth options).

Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT

Options for wireless connectivity

There are two versions of Wireless. Bluetooth mice work best with most laptops because they have Bluetooth built in. If you are using a desktop PC, you may need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle if it does not come standard with one.

The Wi-Fi radio frequency is another wireless version available in wireless mice, particularly premium models. HP's Z3700 for example, operates at 2.4GHz and with Bluetooth and connects seamlessly across your PC, laptop, and other devices.

Wireless mice have a few significant advantages over wired mice, but they are also more expensive – especially as we move into the premium range. Because of the advantages it has over a wired mouse and its wider acceptance in today's work from home or remote login work environment, a wireless mouse is becoming an increasingly popular choice. It is seen less as a fashion but more as a necessity as more of us adopt work from anywhere approaches.

Your use case: Gaming vs. everyday use

Another consideration in deciding whether to go wired or wireless is how you intend to use your mouse. As previously stated, if you intend to use your mouse for gaming, you should consider a premium wireless mouse with higher specifications. (Ssshhhh!! Don’t worry about the budget. At TPS, we stand by you to guarantee the best deals.)

Further, when it comes to gaming, latency is an important factor to consider, and you will want as little latency as possible. Latency, also known as "input lag", is a critical factor in today's fast-paced first-person shooter games. You do not want to fall behind your competitors, and latency can do just that by causing delays in your mouse input actions.

How to select a Mouse - tpstech.in

Another important aspect of mouse specification is sensitivity, which is measured in dots per inch by mouse manufacturers (DPI). The greater the DPI, the less physical distance the mouse must travel across a surface to register on-screen movements.

Sensitivity is crucial to gamers. Some people prefer high sensitivity, which allows them to move the mouse cursor quickly across the monitor screen with smaller hand motions, while others prefer to move their hands in larger gestures with less on-screen movement. The mouse sensitivity setting is entirely up to the player and their preferred gameplay style.

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As a result, most gaming and premium mice allow you to adjust the DPI on the fly, from as low as 600 DPI to as high as 25000 DPI. This flexibility enables gamers to tailor their mousing experience to each game and even different in-game situations.

Some mouse manufacturers also create customized models for specific game genres, with additional buttons which can be used in games such as massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. These extra buttons serve as macros, allowing the player to assign specific tasks to specific keys rather than searching for them on the keyboard.

Gaming or other premium mouse also come with software that allows for additional customization, and there are even customizable gaming mice that allow for physical changes such as changing the mouse height, adjusting button response time, changing the lift off distance, etc. among other things.

Mouse sensitivity is also important for those who use software’s that requires precise mouse cursor movements. For example, photo editing software such as Photoshop, 3D rendering software such as Blender, and computer-aided design (CAD) applications such as AutoCAD.

If you are not purchasing a mouse primarily for gaming, the decision to purchase a mouse becomes much simpler. You can concentrate on aspects such as connectivity type, sensor, size, ergonomics, and sensitivity. These topics will be covered next.



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Earlier mice had balls that moved around the sensor and infrared sensors to measure movement. [You know you are a millennial if you haven’t seen a mouse with a ball in your life. YO!].

Modern mice, on the other hand, work by taking successive images of the surface on which the mouse operates with an optoelectronic sensor (essentially, a tiny low-resolution video camera).

Modern mice are classified into two types based on the technology they employ: optical and laser. The primary distinction between an optical mouse and a laser mouse is the source of illumination. An optical mouse illuminates the surface with an infrared LED light. A laser mouse shines a laser beam on the surface.


Physical Layout

Mouse come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small travel models to full-sized options with enhanced features and ergonomics. The right mouse for you will depend on factors such as your hand size, where you will be using it, and whether you need to carry it with you.

1. Size
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The size of a mouse is the most important factor to consider. Mouses designed to be portable are typically smaller, while mice designed to sit on a desk are typically larger. Which is better for you depends on the size of your hands, someone with smaller hands may prefer a smaller mouse due to its smaller dimensions, whereas someone with larger hands and a better grip will prefer a full size or standard size mouse.

How to select a Mouse - tpstech.in
2. Ergonomics

Ergonomic mice are those that are made to reduce hand and wrist strain. They conform to most ergonomic hand grips and compel users to hold their fingers, hands, and wrists at angles that allow for more comfortable long-term mouse movements.

3. Grip

A mouse's grip style is one distinguishing feature. Claw, fingertip, and palm grips are the most common types of mouse gripping styles.

The larger mouse is typically shaped so that the user can completely cover it with their palm. A palm grip is what it is. Other, particularly smaller mice, have shapes that complement a fingertip grip, in which the user grabs the mouse with their fingertips only around it, while their palm is generally on the desk or mousepad. Finally, the user can grasp the mouse so that the palm rests on the back and the fingers rest comfortably on top, forming a claw. A larger hump at the back aids in this gripping style.

How to select a Mouse - tpstech.in

Personal preference, comfort, and gripping methods all play a role in determining which grip works best for you. It is critical to consider these so that you do not select the incorrect shape or size, which may result in uncomfortable or even painful mouse experiences, especially for longer sessions.


Other features

Now that we have covered the fundamentals, let us look at some of the other features you will find in modern mice.

How to select a Mouse - tpstech.in
1. Buttons and Dials

Most mice have only two buttons, which are known as the left and right click buttons. The left button is usually assigned to primary actions like selecting objects and clicking on-screen items, while the right button is usually assigned to secondary actions like opening menus.

More premium mice are available, with extra buttons on the top for mostly changing connectivity or DPI, side buttons for accessing various special actions via macro, and wheels that scroll and perform other actions (left and right tilt, free scroll etc.). Many of these multi-button mice include software that allows the buttons and wheels to be customized and remapped, allowing for a wide range of custom functionality (macro usage).

Choosing the right mouse with the right buttons and wheels can mean the difference between productivity and frustration. If you are a gamer or work with complex applications such as CAD software, you will benefit greatly from a mouse with additional buttons that can be assigned to various functions.

2. Lighting

LED lights, also known as RGB lights, are another feature that is commonly found on gaming mice. They add a personal touch by allowing you to customize your setup or gaming setup and provide additional feedback during gaming sessions. These mice include software that allows the user to customize the lighting to their liking.

How to select a Mouse - tpstech.in

Choosing the Best Mouse for You

When it comes to purchasing or constructing a new PC, the humble mouse may appear to be an afterthought, but as you can see, there are several important factors to consider. The right mouse can make your PC experience far more productive, efficient, and enjoyable, so browse all the mouse options on tpstech.in // and yes, we have this exclusive list to make your decision a bit easier:

Ergonomic Mouse

Full-Size Mouse

Small-Size Mouse

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