HP Care Pack - Enhanced Protection for your HP Products (Part -1)

HP Care Pack - Enhanced Protection for your HP Products (Part -1)

We see astonishing number of queries around warranty packs, care packs, support services, components covered, applicable models, and so on. We figured out that the confusion is obvious amidst the lack of clarity. Hence this blog.

We are going to take HP in this series, and will later expand to other most popular warranty services. This one if just part one of a two-part series on warranty services for HP products. We intend to cover introduction to HP Care Pack, and "should you buy one”? You can skip to part two of this series for a more details into HP’s warranty services, including tips on which one is right for your device.

So, let us start.

First things first. HP Care Pack is the official name for warranty services business at HP, by HP. In India alone, the business is estimated to serve thousands of customers from dedicated support centres, via phone, chat, email and some on-site help as well. It is worth noting that HP Care Pack is an add-on to a valid base warranty.

A valid warranty on your device means one less thing to worry about and focus on being productive. During warranty, you get round the clock access to a team of experts available to support you, plus a range of other services tailored to meet your needs. HP care Pack is designed to keep you protected from costs involved in post-warranty repairs and support services which can run very high at times.

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hp care pack

HP Care Pack’s Benefits

When we purchase a new laptop, desktop, printer or any hardware, it comes with an original warranty (also known as base warranty). If your product faces any issue during this period, then it will be covered. However, as soon as this warranty expires and if your product gets damaged or needs expert technical support, it may burn a hole in your pocket. You can de-risk this by paying a small premium towards purchasing HP Care Pack. It can cover your accidental damages as well from drop or spills - if you have got the right care pack.

An HP care pack may offer you one or more of these services:

HP Care Pack

1. Exchange for eligible products:

  • Remote technical assistance to help you resolve problems.
  • If needed, the replacement unit will be shipped to your doorstep the next day.
  • Includes shipping costs for both ways.
  • Pre-paid packaging material is provided for your shipment of the failed product back to HP.
HP Care Pack

2. Installation:

  • HP Installation Service ensures that your products are properly installed by a certified HP technical assistant.
  • Includes the basic installation of HP-branded hardware and software, plus HP-supported products from other vendors that are sold by HP or by HP authorized resellers.
HP Care Pack

3. Onsite repair:

  • HP's next business day onsite hardware support for your HP laptop and HP desktop.
  • Onsite problem diagnosis and support with replacement parts and materials.
  • Device repair by experts using genuine HP Parts.
  • No hidden fees or deductibles.
  • HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support for travelers is available in more than 80 countries across the globe.
  • Optional Accidental Damage Protection that covers spills, drops, falls and more.
HP Care Pack

4. Pickup and Return:

  • HP pickup and return service offers repair or replacement of your protected HP device.
  • Includes pickup, repair, materials, parts, labour and shipping costs.
  • The repair will be done within 3-7 business days.
  • Optional Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) that covers spills, drops, falls and more.
HP Care Pack

5. Protection Services:

  • Data Recovery Service (DRS) for HP commercial laptop, desktop, or workstation.
  • Safe handling of your files with fast, secure, and confidential data recovery.
  • Expert data recovery is performed by experienced professionals in a secured environment.
HP Care Pack

6. Return to the depot:

  • Alternative to onsite service that includes labour, parts and materials.
  • Offers remote telephone support and offsite repair for eligible products at an HP designated repair centre.
  • Send your hardware to the HP designated repair centre, deliver it in person or arrange for pickup.
  • The repair will be done within 3-7 business days.

While above information must have helped knowing more about the warranty services from HP, important question is "Should you buy one"?The answer is simple. What is your risk appetite? If you want to stay protected with warranty services even after the end of base warranty, then going for HP Care Pack does offer a lot of value against a small premium.

In part 2 of this series, we will try to understand types of warranty services that HP offers. If you would like to hear more on this topic, or it helped you, please let us know in comments below. Also, for any assistance you may need with your device, or activating an HP Care Pack for it, you can reach our support.
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