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Intel Core i9-14900K LGA1700 14th Gen Desktop Processor 24 Cores up to 6.0 GHz 36MB Cache

Intel Core i9-14900K LGA1700 14th Gen Desktop Processor 24 Cores up to 6.0 GHz 36MB Cache

Brand: Intel
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Power up your productivity, gaming, and content creation with the Intel Core i9-14900K 3.2 GHz 24-Core LGA 1700 Processor. Built with the Intel 7 process, this 14th generation desktop processor delivers improved power efficiency while fitting the LGA 1700 socket. Featuring an optimized Hybrid Core Architecture, the Core i9-14900K powers demanding applications and games with eight 3.2 GHz Performance-cores while the 16 low-voltage Efficient-cores handle background tasks for smooth multitasking. The built-in Intel Thread Director ensures that the two work seamlessly together by dynamically and intelligently assigning workloads to the right core at the right time.

With 36MB of cache and a 5.8 GHz Turbo Boost Max 3.0 frequency that can be pushed higher with Thermal Velocity Boost and Adaptive Boost technologies, this processor is made to handle almost any workload. You can overclock this processor for even greater performance. The Core i9-14900K also supports PCI Express 5.0 and up to 192GB of dual-channel DDR5 ECC memory at 5600 MHz.

The Core i9-14900K features integrated Intel UHD 770 Graphics. Please note that a thermal solution is NOT included. This processor is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Hybrid Core Design
Performance-cores provide the speed to handle high-end games and demanding applications while low-priority and background tasks such as streaming video, playing music, and encoding media are handled by the processor’s Efficient-cores.

Intel Thread Director
The Intel Thread Director is built into the CPU’s cores, working with the operating system to ensure each of the 32 threads are assigned to the right core at the right time.

PCIe 4.0 & 5.0
This processor supports up to four PCIe 4.0 and sixteen PCIe 5.0 lanes, delivering 20 lanes in total for exceptional data throughput with compatible devices.

Thermal Velocity Boost
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) is a technology that unlocks extra CPU performance by pushing the maximum frequency to 6 GHz when thermal headroom and turbo power budget are available. It is ideal for burst workloads that have sudden spikes in CPU utilization, providing a temporary performance boost to help avoid slowdowns.

Adaptive Boost
Intel Adaptive Boost Technology opportunistically increases the all-core turbo frequency beyond previous Turbo Boost clock speeds, even when Thermal Velocity Boost conditions aren’t met. Benefits can be seen with multi-threaded programs that scale with multiple cores, which includes many games. It can also help in multitasking situations, such as when gaming, streaming, and chatting all at once through different applications.

Integrated Graphics
Driven by Intel Xe architecture, the integrated Intel UHD 770 Graphics delivers fast, rich 3D performance for high-quality visuals with support for either one 7680 x 4320 resolution 8K monitor or up to four 3840 x 2160 resolution 4K displays with high-dynamic range.

Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3.0
Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0 (GNA) technology helps with noise suppression while enhancing background blurring during video chats.

Intel Deep Learning Boost
Accelerates AI inference to improve performance for deep learning workloads.


Model i9-14900
Total Core(s) 24
Performance Core(s) 8
Efficient Core(s) 16
Thread(s) 32
Base Frequency 2.4 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency
6 GHz
36 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Lithography Intel 7
TDP Processor Base Power : 125 W
Maximum Turbo Power : 253 W
Memory support
192 GB
Memory support Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s
Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s
Memory channel 2
GPU Name
Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Graphics Base Frequency
300 MHz
Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency  1.65 GHz
PCIe Express Version PCIe 5.0
PCIe 4.0
Thermal Solution
PCG 2020A
Max Operating Temperature 100°C
Socket LGA 1700
Instruction Set Extension
Intel® SSE4.1, Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX2
Launch Date 01/2024
Product Family Intel® Core i9 Processors (14th gen)
Warranty 3 Years Brand Warranty
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